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當前位置 首頁 喜劇片 《購物主播之戀》


類型:喜劇  美國  2020 

主演:亞利桑德拉·布萊肯瑞吉 羅伯特·伯克利 麗莎·錢德勒 杰基·哈里 



Terrie Carpenter and David Crabtree are two of the most popular segment hosts on the SHC aka Shopping from Home Channel. They have an antagonistic professional relationship in being opposites in the way they approach their job. Terrie likes to be prepared in knowing product specs, David who accuses her of being boring in her striving to have an air of perfection. David has a devil may care attitude, his catch phrases, which he didn't even write himself, Terrie finding pretentious in wanting to come across as every viewer's best friend. They and the rest of the staff at SHC discover that the rumors that have been circulating around the station are true: that SHC's founder Sharon St. Clair, who still hosts the prime time spot segments, including the Monthly Pick, which pulls in quadruple the viewership of any other segment, is retiring, she and the Board who will make the decision of her replacement both as host for those lucrative time slots, and as head of the company. Terrie and ..



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